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Outside St Georges Cathedral

Cape Town Free Walking Tour Cape Town Free Walking Tour

Meet us -  for our two daily, Cape Town Walking Tours at 11 am or at 2 pm.

NEW STARTING POINT - FROM 7TH OF MAY WE START FROM GREEN MARKET SQUARE - on the corner of Burg Street and Shortmarket Street

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Our free tours run 365 days a year come rain or shine - and no booking needed. Just show up and we will be there...


Free Tours by Foot | 11 am is a free one and a half hour historic tour of Cape Town City Centre

#FreeToursCapeTown | 2 pm is a free one and a half hour tour of beautiful Bo-Kaap with the different coloured houses

See tour details further down on the page..

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About Us | Cape Town Free Walking Tours

Our job is to give you the best, most informative and entertaining tour of Cape Town regardless of your budget. The concept is simple: We give you a great tour and at the end you decide how much it was worth to you.
Our tour guides work on a tips alone basis meaning you can be sure they will deliver an excellent job every single day of the year.
We will never pressure you to tip since we believe money should only be given if the tour was of high quality and you want to reward that within your budget. Our guides are local, certified, and they love Cape Town.


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Tour Highlights Tour Highlights

11 am Historic City Tour

Come join our tour of Cape Town – a tour of heroes and villains, political violence and peaceful revolutions, drama and harmony and a great deal of personal insight in living and being a real Capetonian .

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The tour is around one and a half hours long. The highlights usually are:
  • St Georges Cathedral – hear about Desmond Tutu
  • The Parliament and Presidents house – the land of many capitals
  • The Old Strand and Old Mutual Building – African style architecture and where the beach used to be
  • City Hall – where Mandela gave his world famous speech
  • Green Market Square – “Africa made in China”
  • The Parade and the Castle of Good Hope – an early pentagon
  • District Six
  • The Flower Market – meet South Africa’s National flower “in person”
  • The Slave Lodge – where thousands of slaves were kept
  • Company Gardens with probably the world’s oldest pear tree and the begging squirrels.

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Keep in mind that all our guides have their own favorite stories, routes and experiences to share, so the exact route and sights may well vary slightly from day to day.

2 pm Bo-Kaap Walking Tour

See the colorful houses, smell the spices of the East, hear the mosques calling for prayer, let the Cape Malay food tempt your taste buds and get a feel of what else to do in Cape Town.

 bo-kaap|bo-kaap museum


We might even show you a hidden place to get a local beer...
The tour is around one and a half hours long. The highlights usually are:
  • Long Street – hear about the party street of Cape Town
  • Auwal Masjeed – the oldest mosque in Cape Town founded by “Tuan Guru” himself

  • The old tailors house

  • The Doctors house where it all started with the different colored houses

  • Biesmiellah Malay Restaurant and also Cape Malay food

  • The Atlas Spice Trading Centre - where you can smell the spices of the east and maybe do some shopping

  • Chiappini Street – arguably the most beautiful street in town – where the cameras start clicking

  • Bree Street – Long Street for grown-ups?!

  • Green Market Square


Keep in mind that all our guides have their own favorite stories, routes and experiences to share, so the exact route and sights may well vary slightly from day to day.



Our Guides Our Guides


Stian's profile picture

Girls be aware! This guy will pull out his guitar and sing for you till your knees get soft and your heart starts pounding. But on a walking tour you'll get a fun introduction to the Cape City, as Stian will tell you everything he learned in guide school as well as half a dozen almost true stories from his life in and around Cape Town. Born and raised in Namibia Stian came to Cape Town almost a decade ago and he says it took him two weeks here before he started referring to himself as Capetonian. As he is a music journalist at night, there aren't many sneaky little bars and music venues that haven't enjoyed Stians visit. Therefore recommendations on where to go out come easily from Stian as he walks you through the streets of Cape Town.


Rico's profile picture

Rico grew up in the Cape Flats, which he never fails to remind us was a tough neighbourhood. He wholeheartedly claims that never was a tour group more safe than when led by a true “Cape Flatter” He is something as rare as an extrovert computer programmer, who gets relief for his extrovert side by showing people around town on the free walking tour. He remembers how it was like to live during apartheid and shares his stories on that topic with an equal mix of passion and humoristic angles. When Rico is not in front of neither a tour group nor a laptop he enjoys to continue the story telling over a glass of good South African red wine and a cigar.


Manni's profile picture

Manni is our laid back 100% genuine Capetonian Surfer dude. He resides in Milnerton in Table Bay where he can be seen on the waves from early morning on his days off. That is if he is not cruising south in his ’67 Ford Anglia to find a better wave in Muizenberg in False Bay. Manni has been a guide for 4 years before he started doing the free walking tours and spent 3 years in England when he was younger. At night you will often find him over a beer and a game of pool in Long Street where his Capetonian Accent is not to be missed.


Paul's profile picture

From his home in Muizenberg Paul runs a café, a touring company with his brother and also hangs out with us on the walking tours. In spite of this impressive work load surprisingly enough Paul never seems to have a care in the world and never has anyone seen Paul look busy. His stories about Cape Town very often includes his own memories and besides walking in the City on our tours, Paul is a mountaineer guide as well and spends time “in the mountains” which means we don’t hear from Paul for a few days. A genuine Rastafari-Indiana Jones!

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Upon request we can arrange private tours. These can be tailored to suit your specific interests and time requirements.


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